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Contree: Manage your Expenses quickly among friends

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Contree app at Online Rockers
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Contree is an interactive group expense management and settlement app with free bank transfer facility. Currently in beta version, it is a unique way to split, manage and settle expenses among flatmates, college students, colleagues.Currently its beta version in launched on play store with fantastic reviews. Let's explore more in-depth about the app.

Features :

Free bank transfer and Group Money feature:

Contree's 'Group Money' feature offers a new and more efficient way to settle expenses within groups. All those who have to give money as part of their settlements, give it to Group Money and all those who have to get money, get it from Group Money. It eliminates the need to handle settlements individually.

For example, 

  • Consider a group of 10 friends going on a trip. You are one of them.
  • What happens generally is when settlements are done?
  • You will have to give/get money to 4-5 friends. Say you have to give 100, 125, 135 and 180 ₹ to four friends (Total = 540 ₹) & get 70 ₹ from one friend. 

With Contree, you just have to give net 470 ₹ (Net settlement = 540 ₹ - 70 ₹) to Group Money, saving your time from dealing with 5 friends separately.

Future Roadmap :

Feedback and suggestions are the core mechanism which are the prime requirements for the product improvement .The team has tried to incorporate feedback within the app and it is present in the navigation bar. Users are presented with a brief questionnaire on the basis of which the developer team analyses the pros and cons of getting that feedback/suggestion into the app.

The team has identified niche segment (College Students and Flatmates) for marketing the app which will set the base for targeted marketing approach right from the start and thereby will helping them inefficient future strategic planning.The team would be making live the final product (25th May) based on the feedback which they receive from their close community of Beta testers.


Contree app was won the " Most Promising Startup " at Nasscom NCR Nurture event. The following is a testimonial of that achievement.

Contree - Most Promising App - NCR Nuture Session
Contree - Most Promising Startup - NCR Nurture Session

Platform :

Contree is released on Android platform and will soon to be launched on IOS and Windows.They have management and payment feature exclusively for Indian audience only. Download this app from android by clicking the following image.

Android version - Contree app


You can also provide your feedback directly to the developers on mail.

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