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                      Hi, This is Online Rockers. And this is our second article regarding online money making sites.Now, let's look what’s today’s topic.

What is Clixsense?

     Clixsense is an advertising company.It was started in the year 2007. It has its headquarters in the USA. It was initially started as a PTC site ( Paid To Click site). Later it developed into a GPT site (Get Paid To).Ever since it started it provided the advertisers with quality traffic at a cheap  cost. Members of clixsense  were paid for visiting websites. Payouts were made instant online payment processors.

What are the requirements to join in  Clixsense?

 The requirements to join in Clixsense are so simple. Now let's take a look at them.

  1. Email id ( gmail accounts are more preferable)
  2. A  Computer / Laptop
  3. An account in any of these payment processors - Neteller / Payza / PayToo / Paypal

How to register in Clixsense?

     Setting up a Clixsense account is just so simple.

  1. Click this link or the banner below

 Click here to signup

  1. This would take you to the Clixsense  page
  2. Click signup
Click here to join clixsense

 4)Signup page will appear

Click here to signup

  1. Enter your first name, last name, email, password, username and country
  2. Click the check box that mentions that you agree with the policies of Clixsense.

Clixsense agreement
7) Click the Create Account button.

Clixsense create button

Note: Clixsense allows only one account per household

What are the various earning options in Clixsense?

  Clixsense is now a GPT ( Get Paid To) site, i.e., there are multiple ways to earn money in clixsense. Let's take a look at them.

  1. Taking part in paid surveys
  2. Completing offers
  3. Playing Clixgrid
  4. Referring Others

Let me explain each one in a detailed manner

   The value of ads varies from 0.001$-0.02$.

Extended ads-  Extended ads run for 60 seconds. The value of this ad is 0.02$.

Standard ads - Standard ads run for 30 seconds. The value  of this ad is 0.01$.

Mini ads- Mini ads run for 15 seconds. The value of this ad is 0.005$.

Fixed ads- Fixed ads run for 5 seconds.The value of this ad is 0.001$.

Micro ads - Micro ads run for 3 seconds. The  value of this ad is 0.001$.

How to get an advertisement validated?

  1. Click the View ads menu in the menu bar.

clixsense view ads

  1. A list of all the ads available will be shown.
  2. Click anyone of the available ads
Clixsense available ads

  1. A new page will open in a new tab
  2. You will be shown 4 images. These 4 images contain 1 picture of a cat and 3 pictures of dog

Clixsense ad validation

  1. You need to click the picture of the cat.
Clixsense cat picture

  1. The timer will run depending upon the type of ad you clicked.

Clixsense ad timer

  1. That's it. The ad you clicked is validated. Close this tab and click the remaining ads.
Clixsense ad validated

Taking part in paid surveys:

      Paid surveys is another faster way of earning money in Clixsense. You need to do few things before you actively participate in surveys. You need to complete your surveys profile before taking part in surveys.

How to complete surveys profile in Clixsense?

Just follow the steps below.

  1. Click the surveys menu in the menu bar.
Clixsense surveys

  1. Click the surveys profile button.
Clixsense surveys profile

  1. You will be asked some questions about yourself. Just fill them all
Clixsense surveys profile

  1. That's it you have completed your profile. You can now take part in surveys.

Clixsense profile update

Survey panels:

   Clixsense currently consists of 4 survey panels. They are Cint, Your surveys, Opinionworld, and Opinion surveys. Each panel is independent and you need to check one daily if you have any surveys for that day. Check out the list of survey panels on the site and a notification of survey specifically available for me in the following image.

Clixsense survey panels

Doing micro tasks:

             Micro-tasks are so simple.You need to do small activities like verification of documents, bills, estimating the correctness of information etc.

How to complete microtasks?

  1. Go to Tasks under menu bar
  2. Under submenu select Complete tasks.
Clixsense tasks

  1. You will find a list of jobs.
  2. Click anyone of the task.
  3. You will be taken to the corresponding tasks page.  You may need to sign in using your facebook or email id for completing this CrowdFlower task.
  4. Once you completed the task, the amount will be transacted to your Clixsense account.

Completing offers:

                  Offers are so simple to complete. You will be asked to take part in a survey or download and install the app from the given link. Once you open the installed app, the amount will  be credited to your clixsense account.

Clixsense provides various offers panels.They are:

  • Clixoffers
  • TrialPay
  • RadiumOne
  • Matomy
  • SuperRewards
  • Tokenads
  • OfferTorro
  • Adscend

Playing clixgrid:

What is Clixgrid?

          Clixgrid is a game. Here you will be seen a picture with a number of tiles in it. Each tile holds an advertising link. Once you click a tile you will be taken to the advertising page.The timer will run for 10 seconds for standard members and 5 seconds for Premium members. Once the timer ends you will be determined whether you have won the cash prize or not. The highest amount of cash prize is 10 dollars. Standard members will get 30 chances and premium members will get 60 chances.
Clixsense clixgrid
  The following snapshot was one of my recent winning in the clixgrid. Have a look at that.

Clixsense clixgrid won

Referring others:

              Referring your friends, family, relatives, neighbors, etc is a great way to earn money. You can get your referral link under Affiliates menu.Whenever your referral upgrades to a premium membership you will receive your referral signup bonus. You have 8 level referral program in Clixsense.There are numerous ways of referring others which will be explained in a detailed manner in our upcoming posts.
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