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Today I gonna talk about the site which is a trendsetter of this PTC era. Neobux is the most legit PTC site. It was started in the year 2007 and now they are currently celebrating their 8th successful anniversary.


  • Payouts on time
  • Anti-cheat protection
  • Only one account per household
  • Guaranteed standard ads


Depending upon your membership the money you earn for viewing each ad varies. When you signup initially you are a standard member. For example, A standard member earns 0.001$ for the yellow coloured standard ad. But if you upgrade to any other membership such as Golden, Platinum, Ultimate, etc the amount you earn for the standard ad is higher. The following table explains how much you earn for each membership.

Neobux Membership details and referral commissions


Signing up under NEOBUX is so simple and I will help all the new users. I request all the new members who want to signup under NEOBUX to follow the simple instructions given below:
1) Click the advertisement below. It will take you to the NEOBUX homepage.

Neobux Signup banner

2)Click REGISTER on the top right corner of the page.

Neobux homepage

3)The NEOBUX registration page will open up.

Neobux Signup form

4)Enter your new username, password,  email, Paypal/Payza/Skrill email or Neteller ID, birth year and verification code.


5) You will receive your verification link to your email address.

6)Go to your email and confirm it.


      As soon as you register to NEOBUX, you won't be able to refer anyone to 15 days and 100 ads. Only after then you can earn from your referrals. So kindly keep in your mind that you must click ads for 15 days to be active on that site and make sure that allow direct referrals option is selected on the  personal settings page.


         There are two types of referral earnings in NEOBUX. They are:

                                      1) Rented referrals and 
                                      2) Direct referrals

To be frank the combination of these earnings are the best. As they yield you a huge income which you would have never ever dreamt of your entire life.


                    Referrals can be rented once you save 0.6$. If you are not able to maintain your patience you can use your PAYZA, PAYPAL, SKRILL or NETELLER account to rent referrals. Note that while you save 0.6$, you would have 600 Neopoints in your account, We must use these points wisely.Below is the limit for a maximum number of referrals based on your membership.

Maximum referrals limit for Neobux



                           You must recycle your rented referrals whenever they are inactive. Whenever your average of your rented referrals falls below recycle them. This is essential because the referral has gone on to vacation. So he won't view ads. Thus, this will lead you to complete loss. Hence, recycle them. It cost 0.07$ or 93 NEOPOINTS.


                          Many may now think that letting a referral expire will not lead you to a loss instead of spending them 0.07$ and recycling them. But here your strategy won't work because when you let your referral expire you will be fined 0.02$. Hence, it is not advisable to expire rented referrals.


                       Autopay is  a great feature available in NEOBUX. This is  a simplified form of extending your rented referral. This will give you a flat 15% discount on extending referrals.

                        Autopay is nothing but when a rented referral is active on that day, then he will be paid for that day and extended. The special feature of Autopay is that the referral will be paid only he clicks the 4 fixed advertisements for that day. Thus, this feature will save you money and help you identify the inactive referrals.

                       To enable Autopay go to rented referrals and click on Autopay to make it green, which will notify you that Autopay feature is enabled.

                        The following picture displays the autopay price based on the number of referrals you have.

Autopay price for rented referrals in Neobux


                       Auto renew is another great feature available in NEOBUX. This will definitely reduce your work. You can set the number of days the referral has to be extended and the least number of days left before the referral gets expired.

                      To enable Autorenew, go to rented referrals page and select Autorenew. It will request you the period, the referral has to be extended and the number of days before the expiration of the referral.


                  Our ultimate aim is to become an ultimate member in NEOBUX. So the next from standard member is to move to GOLDEN member, so keep saving money and save it to 90$, which is the amount required for GOLDEN member subscription for one year.


                 Direct referrals are the most profitable, you need not pay them anything. But it slightly difficult to get direct referrals, But I have the excellent way to get unlimited referrals. Click here, you will see a list of sites on this page. Join them. They are the most trustable way to get referrals absolutely for free.

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