Saturday, 30 April 2016

How to time travel to the past ?

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      Have you ever thought about time travelling ? Going back to the past, you will get your childhood days back. So awesome to imagine about? Is it possible to time travel to the past?

     The answer to the question is yes. Time travelling is possible. Now you will have the curiosity to know, how to time travel to the past?

"The larger the island of knowledge, the longer the shoreline of wonder"-Ralph W.Sockman

      As true to the above saying, gaining knowledge will lead you to the island of wonder. So now let's look at how this concept of time travelling started.

     The following videos by Premanand Sethurajan will give you a clear idea of the basic principles of time travel. He can explain the Einstein's concept of special theory of relativity in a wonderful manner in Tamil.

      As said by Premanand Sethurajan, you can time travel to the past. You must travel at a speed greater than the speed of light towards space. Thus, how you can time travel.

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