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How to remove google security warning for free?

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How to remove google security warning for free?
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     Happy moment for Online Rockers readers as we have successfully fought against Google security warning , which was a huge trouble for us over a week. Finally ! we are back!

     For those who are unaware of the issue, I would like to explain in detail what happened. On 11th of April , 2016 , our site was marked as deceptive content by Google. The following is a screenshot . This is how our website looked for the tough 9 days.

Warning seen while opening Online Rockers

    After many hardships, I found that the content which caused these troubles were the ads placed on our site. According to google's search console update, they decided to warn websites that contain download buttons with no clear information.

    Online Rockers have successfully overcome this issue. Now we would like to tell our readers what to do if their website to got stuck with this issue,

Steps to rescue your site from google warning:

     First, you need to verify your site at Google Search console. By verifying your site, you verify the ownership of your website. If you have already verified your site, then you would have received a message shown below.

Message from Google Regarding malicious content in our website

      If not under search console  select Security issues. You will be notified of the issue found in your website. Here is a screenshot of how our site looked during the warning.

Security issues under Search control options

     Now I prefer the best thing to do this move on google webmaster forum. Create a thread mentioning about the security issue found in search console. Your site will be checked by Google experts. 

     Now go to Aw snap info's file viewer. Scan your link. Scan down and you can find the suspicious links found on your website. 99% they are the ads placed on the website.Remove those ads in your site mentioned in File viewer. I have attached the screenshot of the deceptive ads found on our site.

Suspicious URLs marked by Aw Snap Info File Viewer

     Now, scan again to check if the issue is over.Keep your site details updated in the forum. If your site is marked for traditional phishing then you must use  google incorrect Phishing report form. Here you must submit the sample links given by search console with and without www.

     Now,under search console, use the request review option. Your site will be scanned by one of the Google bots. If your site is clean, then your warning will be removed. If not further report your activities in the thread you opened. Google experts will help you overcome this.

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