Monday, 25 January 2016

Write a C program to find the sum of digits.

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       Today , I am going to explain how to write a C program to find the sum of digits . What does the sum of digits mean ? If you consider a number say , 975 , the sum of its digits are - (9+7+5) = 21.
How to write a C program for this ? Let's see that now.

Note : In order to compile a C program , you need a C compiler. If you don't have kindly download it from here.

Source code:

int main()
int num,sum=0;
printf("Enter the number");                    // Accepting input from user scanf("%d",&num);
while(num>0)                                             //Loop to find the sum of digits {
printf("Sum of digits is %d",sum);            //Print the result to the user return 0;


Sum of digits C program

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