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Write a C program to check if the given string is a palindrome or not using string functions - Online Rockers

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                     Hi viewers , today are going to look at string palindrome .

What is string palindrome?

               Just consider a word , say hello . When you reverse it you get olleh . The initial word and the reversed word or not the same. When you reverse the word Malayalam , you get the same word . This is called string palindrome.

                 Let's write a C program to find if the string accepted from the user is a palindrome or not . To compile this you need a C compiler If you don't have a compiler get it from here.

Source code:

int main()
char str[100],rev[100];                                  //declare strings
printf("Enter the string");
gets(str);                                                       // accept string str from user
strcpy(rev,str);                                             // copying string from str to rev
strrev(rev);                                                  //reverse the string rev
if((strcmp(rev,str))==0)                             //if else condition to check str and rev are same
printf("\nThe given string is a palindrome");
printf("\nThe given string is not a palindrome");
return 0;


Sample output 1:

C program String palindrome first output                                                                                         

Sample output 2:                                                                                             

C program String palindrome second output

                Hope you would have understood the concept of string palindrome.

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